Gas air flow and volume meters

GAS / Air flow and volume meters

Domestic gas meter manufacturers and gas distribution companies use gas flow and volume meters. These companies also use master meters and reference flow meters such as sonic nozzles. HVAC agencies use air flow rate meters. All such reference meters need periodic calibration for providing services, production and compliance to quality management system (QMS) such as ISO:9001, IS/IEC 17025.

Key features

  • Calibration using primary standard, Bell Prover
  • Traceable to NPL, India and uncertainty 0.15 %
  • Flow rate 16 to 6600 L/hr
  • Calibration using air and distributed gas (Methane CH4)
  • Rotameters, Sonic Nozzles and Arrays, dry and wet master meter
  • NABL and UKAS accredited calibration
  • Quick turnaround time