Instrument transformer, test bridges

Instrument Transformer, test bridges, related items

References and auxiliary instruments used by Instrument transformer (CT/VT) manufacturers, for its accuracy testing, need periodic calibration. Similar equipments used by test laboratories also need periodic calibration. Several other instruments used by such laboratories like transformer turn ratio meters (TTR), voltage dividers, power calibrators, insulation testers, high voltage probes, attenuators etc also need periodic calibration.

YMPL laboratory has full suite facilities right from Low voltage to EHV, 132kV and 10,000 A to provide NABL accredited calibration service. Measurement traceability to NPL India is maintained using class 0.02% voltage transformers and 0.005% current transformers.

Key feature

  • Calibration of HV / EHV CT / VT up to 132 kV and up to 2500 A
  • NABL accredited calibration certificate
  • High accuracy reference standard transformer
  • Instrument transformer test system (ITTS) / bridge calibration
  • Power transformer loss measuring systems (TLMS)
  • BDV tester for transformer oil
  • Quick turnaround time