Testing of energy meter

Testing of energy meters

Energy meters have additional features of power quality parameters, tamper monitoring and various communication protocols. Users are concerned about energy meter performance and reliability during its use. Product type testing and certification by an independent agency give confidence about quality and reliability to purchaser. Supplier needs to test product during development cycle to national / international standards for its compliance. Failure rate of energy meters should be very low because they are expected to work non-stop under tough conditions. This calls for durability and life cycle assessment.

Yadav Measurements has over 20 years experience of operating NABL and UKAS accredited testing laboratories for all types of testing of energy meters, power quality meters, electrical transducers per various national and international standards. The testing services cover prototype testing at development stage, type test certification, lot acceptance testing, reliability testing (accelerated life testing – ALT / highly accelerated life testing – HALT), tamper feature testing, software testing and communication protocol testing under one roof.

Key features

  • All test facilities for energy meters under one roof
  • Skilled and competent manpower coupled with an IT enabled infrastructure
  • High calibre test equipment
  • BIS recognised full type testing of static / prepayment / smart meters
  • Testing prescribed by relevant standards:
    • Indian standard IS 13779, IS 14697, IS 15884, IS 16444, IS 15959, CBIP – 325
    • International standard IEC 62052-11, 62052-31, 62053-21, 22, 23, 24, 62055-31
    • Australian standard and NMI M6, OIML R-46
    • Power quality measurement: IEC 62586-1, 2 & IEC 61000-4-30
    • Reliability and durability testing: IEC 62059-31, 32
    • Transducers and digital indicating instruments: IEC 60688 & IS 12784
  • Testing for tamper conditions and logging of tamper events
  • Communication protocol testing for DLMS certification
  • Energy meter load switch testing for UC1 / UC2 / UC3