Transformer loss measurement system

Transformer loss measurement system calibration

Power losses of transformers are important criteria for purchase decisions. As a result all distribution and power transformer manufacturers need to test and report losses of transformers. They use precision test systems consisting of voltage dividers, current transformers and power analysers. All the equipment needs to be calibrated periodically.

YMPL provides on-site calibration services for such equipment. Voltage dividers are calibrated for full range of voltage measurement and current transformers of any voltage rating and ratio. Power analysers are calibrated for voltage, current, power measurement and harmonics. For details on measurement uncertainties, please see our accreditation scope.

Key feature

  1. Calibration up to 132 kV and up to 2500 A
  2. NABL accredited calibration certificate
  3. Voltage and current harmonics calibration up to 40th order
  4. Voltage, current and power calibration at low power factor (up to 0.01)
  5. Custom built Mobile Laboratory
  6. Individual instrument error report
  7. Quick turnaround time