AC power and energy

Instruments for AC power and energy

Design consultants and manufacturers use test and measuring equipment to try-out ideas or check prototypes respectively. Equally, laboratories provide a service to test products that use electricity. The testing could relate to compliance to quality standards like ISO:9001, IS/IEC 17025, etc. or assess whether it is safe to use. This requires testing of AC power / energy related electro-technical parameters. A lot is at stake, it could be the difference between launching a product on time or doing more development work on it. This is specially so when testing for compliance against standards. The test equipment used needs to be reliable therefore it needs to be calibrated at regular intervals.

Yadav Measurements with its 20 years’ experience in operating NABL and UKAS accredited calibration laboratories is a reliable option for precision calibration of power and energy measurement equipment, test benches, reference meters, power analysers and harmonic meters.

Key features

  • Precision source and reference instruments
  • Measurement uncertainty (CMC) Improved
  • Valid traceability to national / international standards
  • Calibration of source and measuring instruments at 50/60 Hz, up to 400V and 120A
  • AC power calibration at low power factor
  • Calibration up to 40th harmonics
  • Auto recall service for periodic calibration
  • Quick turnaround time