Electrical instruments

Electrical Instruments

Several laboratories, manufacturers and design houses use accurate test and measuring equipments for providing services, production and compliance to quality management system (QMS) such as ISO:9001, IS/IEC 17025. All such organisations engaged in electrical power related products and services will need calibration for various support instrumentation, AC/DC measurements, resistance, capacitance, frequency and other electro-technical parameters.

Yadav Measurements with its 20 years of experience of operating NABL and UKAS accredited calibration laboratories is one stop solution for precision calibration.

Key features

  • Precision FLUKE 5500 calibrator
  • Valid traceability to national / international standards
  • Calibration of DMMs, clamp meters, insulation testers, MEGGER
  • Earth resistance tester
  • Calibration of AC and DC electro magnets, and GAUSS meters
  • Auto recall service for periodic calibration
  • Quick turnaround time