Meter reading & data analysis

Meter reading & data analysis

Distribution utilities install electronic meters for all high voltage (HV) consumers and feeders for loss measurement and for monitoring ‘supply hours’. These intelligent meters have the capability to log a lot of useful data related to supply, consumption, demand, tamper and load profile. When accompanied by electronic /automatic reading of these meters and analysis of the data that is vital for accurate commercial billing and for revenue protection, they can help protect the revenue of the utility.

Similarly, distribution feeders could benefit from services that include monitoring of feeder losses, daily and monthly consumption, single and three phase block supply hours, interruption counts and supply conditions. This could include a report about stopped or defective meters. All of it allowing the utility to bill consumers for the energy they have really used.

Utilities could have a resource and skill constraint when it comes to reading meters and analyzing the data. Services like reading meters and its data analysis for detecting tamper, fraud, or any other anomaly, consumer billing, maximum demand violations, load profile analysis etc.

YMPL has been providing such services for several years to various distribution companies (discoms). and is fully equipped to serve all other utilities. YMPL has the necessary resources, people, project management skills, the kit and the IT solutions for managing databases and generating reports.

Key features

  • Skilled manpower availability
  • Service project management skill available
  • Availability of meter reading instruments (CMRI) and compatible software
  • Central back end data servers and IT infrastructure
  • Customized software for data analysis and MIS reports