Metering school

Need for metering school

Energy use is growing faster than ever and energy suppliers are struggling to meet the demand. In response, electricity metering is undergoing a transformation through the introduction of new technologies the include communications like smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Several new concepts are being implemented like demand side management (DSM), demand response (DR), with meters as enablers. These meters allow utilities to serve their customers better and allow revenue protection.

Around the globe, utilities are making big investment in these newer technologies and deploying metering assets. As the meters communicate readings at regular intervals, the data available to the utility is massive. This has to be analysed to give information which can be used to cut consumption or manage revenue. It is a complex tax making it necessary for utility engineers to understand the technology, how to derive the best from the information that they provide. This is when they will be able to derive maximum benefits from it.

Courses at Yadav Measurements

Yadav Measurements pioneered the concept of metering school and has been conducting such training sessions since 2004. YMPL has trained about 4000 engineers from India, Africa, South East Asia and Middle East. We offer several courses tailored to the specific needs of a utility, including customised courses at YMPL training center at Udaipur, a historical town called the city of lakes.

We have worked as a training partner with Power Finance Corporation (PFC), Ministry of Power (MOP), CORE International and USAID under DRUM program.

Key feature

  • YMPL’s own faculty and guest lecturers with domain expertise
  • Class room training supported with practical and hands on experience
  • Theatre style lecture halls with latest audio visual facilities
  • Custom built practical setups / simulators
  • Study visits to a meter manufacturing plant and testing laboratory
  • Regular and customised courses held in Udaipur or on-site
  • Social and networking evening event
  • Outbound program on soft skills and team building