On-site energy meter testing

On-site energy meter testing

Energy meters are installed at every consumer premises for the measurement of energy delivered to them. Meters are also installed at various sub-stations feeders and interface points to measure bulk transfer of energy. A utility’s revenue is directly affected by the health of meters and their ability to record energy consumption accurately.

Also, energy meters are expected to work non-stop under tough conditions. Like any other electronic device, meters can stop recording energy accurately or can stop recording at all. Therefore, it is prudent to have a periodic check of the health of metering assets installed at all levels of electrical network i.e. from end consumer to the grid. This is also mandated by law through regulation: “Installation and operation of meters”, issued by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). Periodic testing ensures regulatory compliance.

Yadav Measurements has tested more than 5.0 million meters and has an experienced team in India. This is backed by an accredited precision laboratory at Udaipur that can provide a complete health scan of your metering assets.

Key features

  • Installation audit and testing with minimum human intervention
  • Stringent quality checks and data verification
  • Electronic meter test system
  • Facility to test meters on-line and off-line
  • On-line data transfer through GPRS to central server for data validation
  • Dash board and MIS report on meter testing