Corporate Social Responsibility : Our Policy

The company believes in   social work as part of its business and contributes to the locality and nearby areas, where it is situated for the   cultural, ediucational and  preservation and  natural environment.     

The company is committed to environment friendly practices and focusing mainly for promotion of education, including vocational training and skills development, ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting preventive health care, hygiene and sanitation, contribution to Prime Minister’s relief fund or any other fund set by the govt. for relief or welfare and any other areas the company or the CSR committee may find appropriate.  




To undertake proactive engagement with the local people to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the periphery/community in which it operates. 

  1. To create a business value chain which is sustainable – environmentally, socially and economically.  
  2. To create positive awareness towards the need to adopt measures that lead towards reducing carbon foot prints and promote alternate energy approaches.  
  3. To encourage employees voluntary participation in CSR   activities   of their interest.  
  4. To focus on educating, creating awareness and curiosity amongst children; to allow them to experience science in a ‘hands-on’ manner and to enjoy the journey of discovery and learning. 
  5. To engage local schools in a dialogue about the emerging socio-economic conditions and the resulting changes in their responsibility towards the society. 
  6. To train teachers to engage students in a more effective and practical education and help them develop the right values.  
  7. To train teachers in development of communication skills through training for spoken   English and correct usage. 
  1. To work with Dharohar, a Non-profit Trust engaged in CSR & social activities in and around Udaipur