Gas meter testing

Gas meter testing

In European countries most of the houses have piped gas supply. India and many developing countries are moving towards piped gas for domestic use as well. Gas meters are used for measurement of supplied gas volume and billing.

Users are concerned about gas meter performance, safety and reliability during its use. With gas, safety becomes a key concern.

Product type testing, certification / homologation by an independent agency give confidence about quality and reliability to purchaser. Supplier needs to test product during development cycle to national / international standards for its compliance and specific directives such as European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID). With increasing implementation of smart meters there are additional tests to performed and complied.

YMPL has UKAS accredited full suite of test facilities for domestic gas meters up to G4 size (6m3/ hr.). Please see our UKAS accreditation T-2437

Key features

  • Testing as prescribed by standard:
    • BS EN 1359 (diaphragm gas meters)
    • BS EN 14236 (ultrasonic gas meters)
    • BS EN 16314 (additional functionality)
  • Testing using air and distributed gas (Methane CH4)
  • Long duration tests available (eg. salt mist / spray, ageing and durability)
  • Can test pre-payment gas meters with shut off valve