Environmental – climatic testing

Environmental- climatic testing

Electrical and electronic equipment / components must work continuously under many different environmental conditions. To ensure that performance is satisfactory in extreme conditions, it is essential to test equipment under simulated conditions. These tests help to make design improvements and serve as in-process quality checks during manufacturing.

YMPL deploys large numbers of environmental test chambers (cold / hot / humidity cycles) and vibration testing machines. We can conduct shock testing, testing for impact of salt mist, impact testing, ingress protection (IP 51 – IP 54) testing.

Key features

  • NABL and UKAS accredited test facilities
  • We can test for:
    IS 9000 and IEC 60068
    temperature range of – 40 to 150 degree Celsius
    relative humidity (RH) 20% to 98%.
    vibration machine 400 kgf
    shock testing up to 40 g
    salt mist CASS, AASS, and NSS